Launching my personal digital space

A space to breathe serendipity

  ยท   2 min read

Why a personal blog

I had in past written in and medium, and a lot in my personal Obsidian, and in random WhatsApp groups, Discord chats and so on.

Its time to have a digital space for all my rants, and ramblings and musings.

A space where I can get breathe serendipity,and get inspired to do awesome stuff.

End to Procastrination

Special thanks to my god, and my hero, Arpit Bhayani, who really motivated me to start writing again.

I have been procastrinating a lot about launching my own blog/digital garden. Calling it a blog might not be great, because its my own digital space. I will post anything I like, from my personal notes, to observations and realizations, and everything.

Finally I decided to go with Hugo, and this theme called typo. I have customized this theme a bit, my adding my own theme switch copied from Hugo PaperMod theme.

The Future

Over time, I will make some changes to improve the functionality of this site, but I will always keep it very minimalistic and clean.

One thing, i can guarantee, is that I will never post LLM generated shit. Evey word that goes here, are true reflection of neurons firing in my own organic brain.

I dont believe in polishing english too much, that looses the natural essence, I have. I might use grammarly to fix a few typos, and grammar here and there,but, I commit to not using LLMs.